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Hopper's Hands...a San Francisco Running Tradition

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Hopper's Hands at Fort Point, April 6th, 2021

A "high ten" to Hopper's Hands has been a San Francisco tradition since 2000. The sign was the idea of Ken Hopper, a former ironworker who maintained the fences around the Golden Gate Bridge. While working, Hopper often observed runners along the Crissy Field waterfront slapping the chain link fence outside Fort Point before turning around. One day he had an idea to put up a sign with a pair of hands on it so runners would have something more pleasant and welcoming to touch. Hopper told the bridge’s official sign-maker about his idea, and the sign was put up.

Hopper's Paws, April 6th, 2021

While observing people use the sign, Hopper noticed many joggers also had their pets tap the cement wall below the fence. He then requested that a smaller sign with a set of paws be placed a few inches off of the ground for furry companions.


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